KSA E-commerce Transformation Program

If you are a traditional retail business owner based in Saudi Arabia, or you are a Saudi based Entrepreneur and welling to start your e-commerce project in Saudi, you are in the right place.

Join Saudi Arabia E-commerce Transformation Program now and build your online store for free with 3-month operation expenses covered.

How it works

What you will get?

1- Learning

You’ll be enrolled in a 3 days workshop learning and practicing online store building using zero coding tools, you don’t have to know anything about technology, just bring your business idea.

2- Mentorship

You’ll get 3 one on one mentorship sessions with e-commerce experts who will guide you and help you bring your own project to life.

3- Three Month Operational Expenses Coverage

We know it is new to you, you want to test it while you are not worried about losing your money, we believe in you so we will cover it on your behalf until your store is stabilized.

We will cover your store building expenses, e-commerce platform subscription, and store maintenance expenses for 3 months.   

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